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Business Overview

I am very optimistic about starting a venture with a big vision in Dubai. The person associated with me is extra-ordinarily multi-talented with a rare combination of talents and abilities. She is uniquely gifted with an outstanding creativity and imagination. We are seeking an investment for creating a world class luxurious brand, we will also associate with architects to design futuristic buildings, interior furniture design, fashion and jewelry design as well as arts, which will turn into a highly profitable and successful business rapidly. Art and design are highly trending and hot in the market and is considered as one of the most profitable businesses in the region. Due to Expo 2020 top construction companies are in a look out for unique building and furniture designs and extremely talented interior designers. There is a high demand for fashion and jewelry designers as well who can showcase fine elegant masterpieces. People are in search of splendid, magnificent and luxurious pieces that stand out from the rest and that is exactly what we are able to offer.


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