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  • 10% guaranteed Annuity Loan with shares - IRR 58.78% Mid Case
10% guaranteed Annuity Loan with shares - IRR 58.78% Mid Case

10% guaranteed Annuity Loan with shares - IRR 58.78% Mid Case

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    Raise Capital
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    10% guaranteed Annuity Loan with shares - IRR 58.78% Mid Case
  • Country:

    United Arab Emirates
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  • Area:

    Business Bay
  • Asking Price:

    1,000,000 AED
  • No Of Employee:

  • Year Established:

  • Annual Turnover:

    23,300,000 AED
  • Annual Net Profit:

    13,448,000 AED
  • Business Licence:

  • Real Estate:

    Leased by the Business
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    Business Overview

    Key Performance Institute (KPI) is a vocational Training Institute with its Headquarter in Dubai UAE. KPI is licensed under the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). The main activity is to offer trainings to Real Estate and Financial Professionals at the first stage. At the second stage other industries such as hospitality will be targeted. KPI fully owns KPI Rwanda and 45% of Masaar Performance Institute LLC, Ajman, a joint venture with the Ajman Holding. There is a very high demand for qualified real estate education in the UAE and it is continuously growing. Only a few institutions provide Real Estate related education but not on a level of international quality standards. The idea of KPI is to fill this gap and benefit from the strong growing demand. A second income stream will be professional trainings that are geared to other industries and markets. We differentiate ourselves with our credo: from professionals for professionals. Apart from other emirates in the UAE, the whole region with countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt amongst others, allows for a substantial growth strategy. Additionally, from the first branch in Rwanda, Africa, the neighboring countries Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Burundi and Congo offer huge possibilities for future expansion. The company plans an IPO or ICO after 5 years to further expand its operations. The strategy is based on two core pillars. Firstly, it is about the cooperation with governments to install monopoly entities. This has already been agreed in Rwanda and the Emirate of Ajman, where KPI has long term agreements to be the sole education platform for the real estate market. This long term government contracts assure consistent and stable income streams. Other emirates and countries shall follow after these markets are established. Secondly, another core pillar is technology. A strong focus on new technologies will create further gaps to the competition where modern technologies such as VR classrooms are not yet in use. Here we will benefit from our own IT development entity. People are always the biggest asset of any company. The carefully selected team consists of successful specialists with proven track records in the field of real estate and finance on the one hand and education and technology on the other. This mixture is unique in the market and will help to develop future ideas cheaper and more importantly faster.

    INVESTMENT HIGHLIGHTS Investment period - 5 years | Type - Annuity Loan | Interest rate - 10% p.a. | Payment terms - Quarterly for Interest/Repayment | Early signing bonus - 2% | Early signing bonus - till 10.04.2018 | Minimum investment - AED 1M | Maximum investment - AED 5M | Share participation - 2% for each 1M Investment | Return on investment - RR over 10 years | 34.55% Low Case Scenario | 58.61% Mid Case Scenario | 95.78% Best Case Scenario |


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