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Huge collection of European unique paintings, creative reproductions, decorative paintings - around 450 paintings. The offered paintings are cosmopolitan: British, French, Italian, Russian, Armenian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Australian, North American and African Fine Art. The movements represented are Realism, Romanticism, Modernism, Impressionism, Surrealism, Symbolism, Cubism, Abstractionism, etc. Paintings are created with wide diversity of art techniques such as acrylic on canvas, amber paintings, batiks, birch bark on wood, cotton paintings, dry flower paintings, fine art prints, gem Stones on wood, gem Stones on marble, leather paintings, oil on canvas, oil on birch bark, oil on Iron, oil on Porcelain, oil on wood, oil on nickel, oil on papier machè, oil on ceramics, spray paintings, etc. The collection include unique and creative reproductions of worldwide eminent artists, such as, Michelangelo, Raphael, W. C. Monet, A. Renoir, V. Van Gogh, P. Cezanne, H. Matisse, P. Picasso, S. Dali, G. Klimt, W. Kandinsky, Behrens, A. Gockel, Aagaard, etc. Works of these Great Artists have been designed by a group of talented Italian painters, who have extended the image of artworks on fully hand painted and handmade frames, following the harmony of the pictures, making them unique masterpieces) - Great variety, selections and assortment of original and unique, fully hand-made and hand-painted handicrafts from Europe, Africa and Asia (300 articles); - Best gallery equipment (stands, easels, pedestals, cutting machine, tools, tables, showcases etc…); -Top catalogues of artists, art dealers and suppliers from dozens of countries; - Worldwide connections with artists, art galleries, dealers and collectors; - Well designed website (it is offline ) but can be online immediately after confirmation of new name and location ; - Database of hundreds of galleries in GCC, Spain, UK, USA, Canada, Germany etc.. - For Gallery Operations the new owner will need only a showroom to rent and a trade license. The rest is available.


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