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  • Wholesale confectionery distributor business for sale.(LLC,Est.1993)
Wholesale confectionery distributor business for sale.(LLC,Est.1993)

Wholesale confectionery distributor business for sale.(LLC,Est.1993)

  • BXB Listing ID :

  • Type :

    Buy Business
  • Business Type:

  • Business Name:

  • Country:

    United Arab Emirates
  • State:

    Abu Dhabi
  • Area:

  • Asking Price:

    1,000,000 AED
  • No of Employees:

  • Year Established:

  • Annual Revenue:

    3,300,000 AED
  • Annual Net Profit:

    100,000 AED
  • Trade Licence:

  • Total Net Assets:

    700,000 AED
  • Inventory Value:

    180,000 AED
  • Business Hours:

    8 am-8 pm
  • Real Estate:

    Leased by the Business
  • Lease Terms Description:

    Yearly renewable
  • Annual Leasehold Rent:

    60,000 AED
  • Size of Premises (sq ft):

    2,600 sq ft
  • Reason for Sale:

    To relocate home country
  • Premise Facilities:

    Godown, Office and staff accomodation
  • Premise:

    Godown, Office and staff accomodation
  • Information on staff:

    Staff with 25 years experiance

Business Overview

Wholesale confectionery distributor business for sale. Established in 1993. Have distribution Throughout Abu Dhabi. Covers Sila, Ruwais, Gayati, Madeena Zayed, Mirfa, Musaffah, Mohamed bin Zayed city, Abu Dhabi, Shahama, Baniyas. Three 4 Ton pickup are now in routes. Another Van will start soon. Now 6 visas and two position are under hire. Two established route with 500 customer having monthly sales of AED 120,000 to 150,000 each and another recently introduced route is getting established with a customer base of 200. with current facility have a capacity to make a monthly sales of AED 500,000 if additional fund can inflow for credit facility and stock. Currently distributing Chips, Chocolate, Candies, Chewing gum, lolly pops, Juices, biscuits and having capacity to extend to all range of food product. Company can easily upgrade to a monthly sales of 1 million and the support can be provided for the same. Currently have an inventory of AED 180,000 and receivable of AED 70,000. company have deposits and prepaid cost of AED 50,000. Company have own facility of staff accommodation. The current value of company is break up as follows Route A with Mitsubish 4 Ton pickup (long body model 2014)which can generate monthly sales of AED 200,000 (currently having up to AED 155,000 with 85% cash sale) valued at AED 180,000 Route B with Mitsubish 4 Ton pickup (long body model 2014)which can generate monthly sales of AED 180,000 (currently having up to AED 135,000 with 80% cash sale) valued at AED 140,000 Route C with Isizu 4 Ton pickup ( model 2000)which can generate monthly sales of AED 120,000 (started 5 months back now having around 120 regular customer) valued at AED 80,000 Infrastructure. The Gowdown which has separated ground and mezanian will provide double capacity with annual rent of only AED 60,000 which include staff accommodation facility for up to 8 staff. The total area is around 2600 sqf with cold area for chocolate and office. The total infra structure valued at AED 100,000 Company goodwill, 700 customer details, 25 years relation with supplier with credit facility, company reputation, knowledge and after purchase support all valued AED 200,000 The total value for company is AED 1,000,000 from which we will settle all the creditors which valued at AED 150,000 As we are settling the creditors you can withdraw almost AED 200,000 in the first month People who look for an expansion of large business have high potential in this company as it can easily migrate to an AED 10-20 million company easily.

Chips, Chocolate, Beverage, Biscuit, Nuts, Chewing gum, Candies etc

Rented Property which has build mezzanian with Municipality approval which provide double space for a lower rent. Own facility for staff accomodation. Three 4Ton pickup, one Van. Inventory about AED 180,000, receivable AED70,000

High potential of growth. Due to fund shortage the company is doing 80-90 %cash sale only. If credit can provide the business can doubled with the existing cost and facility


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