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Selling online consulting business for Cryptocurrency

Selling online consulting business for Cryptocurrency

  • Listing ID :

  • Type :

    Buy Business
  • Business Type:

  • Business Name:

  • Country:

    United Arab Emirates
  • State:

  • Area:

    Other/Not Disclosed
  • Asking Price:

    3,489,312 AED
  • No Of Employee:

  • Year Established:

  • Annual Turnover:

    3,599,500 AED
  • Annual Net Profit:

    3,415,852 AED
  • Business Licence:

    No Licence Included
  • Keywords:

    bitcoin, crypto, cryptocurrency, altcoins, btc
  • Real Estate:

  • Reason for Sale:

    Owner has been offered an executive position for one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world.

    Business Overview

    Owner is selling a cryptocurrency consulting service that has generated over $980,000 USD in just 6 month of business. The sale includes a high valued domain name, fully functional website, service documentation, and the owners knowledge of the cryptocurrency industry. The owner made this revenue by simple marketing methods and had very low overhead cost. All sales and services were done online from the owners computer. UAE license would be included in the sale.

    Provided cryptocurrency (bitcoin) consulting services and management services.

    Potential buyers that understand and believe in cryptocurrency can make large profits by providing unique services. This is an early technical market and investors have high demand and interest in it. The current owner made over $120,000 in his first few weeks of advertising the service.


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