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Business Overview

Running Car Rental and Passengers Transport Business For Sale 6 year old running car rental and passengers transport business for sale. The company currently has 20 cars in its fleet and all of them are currently rented on long term contracts. The license has two activities: Passengers Transport and Car Rental, so it allows you to really expand the nature of the business. The company currently brings in about 50,000 AED monthly from the car rentals. None of the cars are mortgaged to any banks so all income is a return on investment. It is a one person owner and he is leaving the country which is why he is selling. You will be required to find your own office location for this deal because the office will not be part of the deal. FLEET IS: 2014 Nissan Sunny – Rented – 1500/month 2014 Honda Accord Coupe White– Rented – 2300/month 2015 Honda Accord Coupe Black– Rented – 2300/month 2014 Honda Accord Black– Rented – 2100/month 2014 Honda ACCORD Black – Rented – 2100/month 2014 Honda Accord Grey– Rented – 2100/month 2014 Honda Accord Green– Rented – 2100/month 2015 Honda Accord Silver– Rented – 2300/month 2014 Honda Civic Grey– Rented – 1850/month 2015 Honda Civic Black– Rented – 2000/month 2015 Honda Civic Silver– Rented – 2150/month 2015 Honda Civic Grey– Rented – 2000/month 2014 Toyota Camry Grey– Rented – 2100/month 2013 Toyota Avalon Blue– Rented – 2500/month 2014 Toyota Avalon Gold– Rented – 2500/month 2014 Toyota Avalon Black– Rented – 2500/month 2014 Toyota Corolla Black– Rented – 1850/month 2014 Toyota RAV4 Silver– Rented – 2400/month 2015 Toyota Corolla Black– Rented – 2000/month 2015 Cadillac Escalade– Rented – 7500/month


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