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Business Overview

Our clinic operating in a two storey villa on Jumeriah Beach Road in ( opposite Burj Al Arab Hotel) Dubai, have set our company’s target to contribute to the development of communal health in Dubai and thus in UAE in the following areas: on the first floor our centre will be concentrating on laser consultancy to help people to quit smoking, drugs, alcohol, obesity, anxiety and similar protocols applied by our highly qualified laser technicians trained and observed by our Canada based partners operating in 80 centers globally. On the second floor, the dermatology & cosmetic light laser therapy health care, gynecology, psychology, psychiatry units will be extending their services of high standards and quality to our clients. B. Our Units 1. Laser Therapy and Consultancy Our medical clinic being the exclusive agent Laser Treatment Centers Canada under the brand name Laserworks UAE offers a family of programs designed for simple and effective integration into an existing health care facility, which will be offering laser therapies on various areas aimed at helping people to quit smoking, quit alcohol, quit drugs, menopause and weight control. Each therapy will include all the necessary information, tools, and education and support materials in the handout that will be presented to the customer as designed by Laser Canada. Programs/ Laser Treatments The following programs will currently be available under the supervision of Laser Canada: AC1: Addiction Control • Tobacco PM2: Pain Management • Chronic Pain • Acute Pain SA3: Substance Abuse • Alcohol • Narcotics • Prescription drugs SM4: Stress Management • Insomnia • Relaxation • Depression • Anxiety • Stress BT5: Body Therapy • Weight control (loss or gain) • Facial and Body Toning (skin disorders, wrinkles, cellulite, fluid retention, excessive sweating) Laser Centre UAE programs come complete with all the necessary equipment, training and implementation strategies under the supervision of Laser Canada as mentioned above. The training of our staff and the supervision of the clinic will be carried out by the mother company on mutually agreed dates twice a year so as the ensure the all of the services mentioned above can be delivered in accordance with the global standards and quality of Laser Canada. At Laser UAE our health and wellness service focus is on the highly effective field of soft laser acupuncture for the dependency treatment of a broad based demographic. As one of the few international companies of its kind, Laser Centre UAE offers the ancient proven art of acupuncture therapy, with a modern highly evolved science of soft laser, in an easy to apply methodology, and protocol, treatment process that we intend to deliver to our customers in highly hygienic and healthy environment trough highly qualified trained and supervised lacer therapy technicians under the supervision of our dermatologist. Laser Centre UAE business will be operated as an owner-operated centre with a qualified manager as our operator Our Core Customers Individuals A very broad based demographic of women, men, and children who want / must / need to: • Quit smoking • Lose weight • Reduce stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia • Control drug and alcohol addictions • Take advantage of the considerable amount of well researched protocols and services available at all Imagine Laserworks locations. For the customer, the Imagine Laserworks treatment protocol processes are non-invasive, relatively fast, painless, cost effective and safe. You and I and hundreds of thousands of persons like us, are today more health conscious and actively seeking out new health alternatives. Organizations and Companies Our services are not just restricted to individual women, men, teens and children seeking to regain control of their lives. Corporations also realize the high cost of dependencies, in terms of lost productivity, and real direct expenses for employees, on smoking, obesity and alcohol abuse. Many companies are now helping their employees and their families with the costs of treatment and prevention programs for which Laser Centre is posed to respond to. Laser Centre UAE is in a consumer market where advanced, non-invasive, drugless therapies are growing exponentially around the world, especially in Europe, Canada and the United States. Laser Centre UAE brings to the community a non medicine based health service that delivers to customers the assistance they require in regaining control of their lives, namely breaking the cycle of dependency. 2. Dermatology Our Health Care Centre will be offering dermatology consultancy and regular dermatology treatments along with a modern highly evolved science of soft laser, in an easy to apply methodology, and protocol, treatment process that we intend to deliver to our customers in highly hygienic and healthy environment trough highly qualified trained and supervised laser therapy technicians led by our medical director who specializes in dermatology. Our Major Skin Treatments • Acne Treatment • Ablative Fractional Skin Resurfacing • Pigmented and Vascular Lesion Treatment • Stem Cell Stimulation • Cell Therapy • Acne Scar Removal • Mesotherapy • Skin Peels • PRP • Facial • Skin Rejuvenation • Skin Tightening • Skin Whitening • Filling and botox Treating Active Acne Photo pneumatic therapy is a unique acne therapy that combines vacuum and painless broadband light to deep clean and purify pores from the inside out. It is a reliable and effective treatment, with quick and long-lasting results for all skin types without lifestyle changes, oral medications or topical medications. Treating uneven skin tone Superficial Peels are safe and effective means of achieving uniform exfoliation of the surface layers of the epidermis. They are often used to treat sun damage on the face, hands and larger body areas such as the arms, back and legs. Peels remove the outer layers of the skin, a process which acts as a natural stimulus to produce new skin cells with more collagen and elastin. Treating Pigmentation The Derma élan and Cosmelan systems are highly effective whitening systems. A significant proportion of all dark patches on the face, hands or body, irrespective of their depth or cause, can be dramatically reduced within two weeks of treatment with the whitening systems. Derma élan and Cosmelan both influence melanin production in the skin. Visible results are seen within two weeks of treatment. Treating Acne Scars Using Fractional Lasers and Radiofrequency, a fraction of the skin is literally vaporized allowing for new skin synthesis. This results in a significant improvement in the appearance of sun damaged, wrinkled and acne scars. 3. Cosmetic Surgery Our cosmetic surgical experts are dedicated to delivering competent services to its patient and is known to provide flawless and fruitful cosmetic treatment. It completes the full cycle requirement of the reconstructive procedure along with the invasive and non-invasive treatment of elective cosmetic surgery. Our constructive teamwork and medical treatment are smooth enough to deal with all your surgical demands. We are here to catering you the best and specialized cosmetic surgery in Dubai UAE with a major objective to satisfy our individual customer supported by our Istanbul based sister clinic. The Cosmetic surgery team of our clinic is accomplished with experienced specialists and skilled assisting staffs. With the comprehensive knowledge in cosmetic surgery and with the firm hold in the theoretical and practical application, our expert surgeons are the best in the city. Numerous cosmetic surgeries are accessible here along with the facility for men and women both. We use latest methods of treatment and hi-tech medical appliances in order to procure the precise result. After a convenient session with the patients, our experts will decide the right and absolute treatment for you. Give a try to our medical clinic, which is one of the best and affordable clinics of cosmetic surgery in Dubai UAE, in order to assure a safe and secure cosmetic surgery. Our Cosmetic services include the following: • Hair Transplant • Treadles Face Lifting • Lipoplasty • Abdominoplasty • Liposuction • Nose job • Burns and Scars Surgery • Breast Augmentation • Facial Reconstruction • Arm Lift 4. Psychology and Psychiatry At Our clinic our psychiatrist and psychologist, in conjunction with our Imagine Laserworks unit will be handling every aspect of psychiatric medicine. Our specialist with sophisticated skills will provide expert care to adults, teenagers and children who have mental, addictive and emotional disorders. The mental state of our patients has a considerable impact on how long their rehabilitation takes and how successful it is. The Psychiatric and Psychological Services provide interdisciplinary services which help patients to manage medical conditions‎ and treat psychological problems resulting from accidents. One of their main areas of focus is on teaching patients how to deal with chronic pain. They also offer support for coping with crises and contribute towards the treatment of psychiatric illnesses, such as concomitant depressive disorders. Our services Include: • Support in coping with illness • Anxiety • Major Depression • Autism • Mood Disorders • Eating Disorders • Geriatric and Psychiatric Disorders • Physical Symptoms of Mental Illness • Substance Abuse • Individual Psychotherapy • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy • Family Therapy • School Consultations • Personal Coaching • Couples Therapy • Tic Disorder • Psychotropic Medications • Support During Acute Mental Health Crises • Psychiatric and Psychological Diagnosis C. Why Us? • Expertise and experience. Board-certified specialist in the Units of Psychiatry and Psychology respectively will treat all types of disorders, such as depression, bipolar disorder, addiction and chronic pain, as well as some of the rarest and most challenging conditions such as anxiety and mental disorcer. • Team approach, tailored to your needs: Our clinic’s specialized psychiatrist and psychologist will offer comprehensive evaluations to assess psychological and physical concerns of our patients. They will work with you to set goals, develop a customized plan based on your needs, and monitor progress as necessary. • Innovative treatments based on the latest research: Our experts in psychiatry and psychology will be proactively participating in education and research and thus will be supporting patient care by contributing the latest knowledge and innovative treatments. • Prime Location with all the safety and hazard precautions: Our clinic is in Jumeriah Road opposite Burj Al Arab enjoys one of the most prestigious and safest neighborhood in Um Sequim 3 area in the Emirates of Dubai. It also provides proximity to most famous touristic and shopping facilities such as Burj Al Arab, Medinat Jumeriah Hotel, Jumeriah Beach Hotel, Mall of Emirates and The Mall. D. Our Core Customers: Individuals, Families, Corporates, institutions, governmental organizations and schools across the UAE. E. Our Medical/ Admin Team Medical Director : a DHA qualified dermatologist, who will manage our Health Care Centre and manage the laser therapy consultancy activities. Dermatologist : US board member specialist with a broad experience in UAE Plastic Surgeon : Turkish Board member, a pioneer in reconstructive aesthetic surgery. Psychiatrist : Egyptian Board member specialized both in adult and children treatments. Physiologist : Spanish Board member with vast clinical experience. Laser Consultant : Canada certified consultant to manage Imagine Laserworks Unit Two Clinical Nurses : Two DHA licensed nurses to assist doctors and incoming patients during pre and post consultancy sessions. Admin nurse : One receptionist dedicated to assist incoming visitors and patients. General Accountant : One GA to handle company’s accounts, assets and liabilities reporting the CEO F. Code of Ethics • Maximize client satisfaction • Safety and hazard precautions for a safe environment • Assured confidentiality • Advise the patients on the risks of cosmetic surgery procedures. • Provide steady pre and post operative care • Maintain and update skills and technology and share them with the clients • Friendly and Honest approach • Promise reasonable outcome expectations • Concise, precise and respectful communication G. Our Vision To be the most patient friendly clinic in Dubai as the one that provides best services in dermatology, cosmetic surgery, psychiatry and psychology. H. Our Mission To provide most up to date healthcare services by placing the patient in the centre of what we do. On that we will ensure that we use the latest technology along with skilled healthcare professionals who are practicing international standards. By all means, we would like to thank your for giving us the the opportunity to present you this introduction, which hopefully will enlighten you about us as a part of the Dubai Health Care Comminity

Dermatology Aesthetics Cosmetics Cosmetic Surgery Hair Tranplant Psychiatry Psychology Home care


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