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Business Overview

URGENT SALE, LOWEST PRICE. Quick & Safe Car Rental was registered in January 2016, focusing on high-end and long-term rental business users. Best opportunity to get this high profit car rental company, 13 vehicles in total, all vehicles are bought by cash. Most of the vehicles are signed with long-term lease contract,. The company has no bank Liability, extremely low monthly expenditure. The only expenditure is vehicle services related cost. Urgent sale, asking price already lower than vehicle net value. Price Non-negotiable.

1 - BMW 520i 2015. 1 Vehicle 2 - Audi A6 2015. 2 Vehicles 2 - Hyundai Santa Fe 2015. 2 Vehicles 2 - Toyota Hi-Ace 2014. 2 Vehicles 1 - Ford Explorer 2015. 1 Vehicle 3 - Mazda 3 2016 & 2017. 3 Vehicles 2 - Nissan Sunny 2016. 2 Vehicles

13 cars


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